Sunday, October 2, 2011

Past EOTD's- Urban Decay, Tarina Tarantino & LORAC

Here is a couple different looks I did in the past few weeks. I have been really bad at taking pictures lately, mostly because I have been pressed for time when I am getting ready for work. Sorry about the awful quality of these pictures. I am hoping Santa will bring a new camera this year.
I used Urban Decay's Book of Shadows IV for the first look. Bust all over the lid and crease. Matte beige to highlight (not in the palette). I used NYX's Slide On Glide On pencil in Jungle Green on the upper lashline and waterline.
For this look I used Tarina Tarantino single eyeshadow in Victorian Punk all over the lid. Blended it out with a matte light brown and matte white to highlight. On top of my lid I patted LORAC's 3D Liquid Lustre (this stuff is amazing!!)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Playtime

I've been playing around with my new BOS IV and thought I'd post a couple of quick looks:
1st is using Midnight Cowgirl, Skimp, Hijack and Gunmetal
2nd is using Asphysia (Face Case), Blue Bus, Gravity & Zephyr

Friday, September 16, 2011

Simple Work Eye's

This past couple of weeks have been rough to say the least. This week I was having major pain from my one of my wisdom teeth, so when it came time to get ready for work, I didn't feel like putting a ton of effort into my makeup. But since I work in the public I also didn't want to do nothing either. This is a super simple look. I used Too Faced Naked Eye Palette. Its just a light matte beige on the lid and highlight w/a medium shimmery brown blended into the crease and outer corner. Easy, but still put together. Thanks for looking :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Smokey Eye

I was feeling a light smokey eye for work today and had been wanting to try out ELF's Gunmetal Cream Liner that I picked up last week. I used the cream liner as a base all over the lid and just slightly into the crease. I topped it with Stake (matte medium grey), Dusk (light/medium matte brown) to blend out the crease & edges. Then lightly on top of Stake I applied Bayou (shimmery gold). The eyeshadow shades are all from Tarte's TrueBlood Palette. A picture of the palette can be found in a previous post. I love this kind of look for fall. Its so simple to achieve with whatever lid colour you like then blended out with a soft brown.

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Couple EOTD's

Hello, just to start I am sorry for the lack of posts. Its been kinda a crazy hectic couple of weeks. So I had totally been spacing on taking pictures of looks. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Urban Decay's Book Of Shadows IV!! I expect it to arrive early next week, fingers crossed :)
Anyway here is a couple of looks I've done this week. Both are very basic and IMO work appropriate
For this one I used my Stila Backstage Eye Palette. I found this little beauty at Winner's for $10. What a steal! Every shadow is perfection, so soft and buttery. I used the bottom left all over the lid/crease and blended the crease out with the middle top shade. These are named but I don't have my palette handy at the moment. I can't remember if I lined my upper lashline, but from the picture it doesn't appear so. The main shadow that I used appears to be a brown in the palette but applies more of a mauve. Its very beautiful. Today I pulled out my Urban Decay Book Of Shadow II, which is my favourite BOS yet. This is a very simple 2 shadow look. I applied Sellout (2nd row, 2nd shade) all over the lid and Misdemeanor (last row, last shade) on the outer corner and crease. I lined my upper lashline with a a teal gel liner.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pink & Blue Duochrome EOTD

Happy Tuesday!! Pulled out my all time favourite MAC pigment Pink Pearl to use today. Its an amazing pinky/purple with a strong blue duochrome. Absolutely gorgeous! I got mine 3 years ago when it was part of MAC's Heatherette Collection. As far as I know it is limited edition, but it might be pro item. I'm not entirely sure. If your looking for similar colours you could try MAC's Stars & Rockets eyeshadow or Urban Decay's Fishnet eyeshadow. Both are close, just a little less intense.
I used:
MAC's Pink Pearl Pigment on my lid dry first then wet on top
MAC's Deep Truth eyeshadow (shimmery navy) in the crease and outer corner
Matte white to highlight
Colbalt Blue eyeliner on upper lashline and waterline
CoverGirl Volume Exact on upper & lower lashes
Sorry for the lack of pictures, lighting is still an unresolved issue.
Thanks for looking.

Monday, August 22, 2011

EOTD-Golden Peach w/Stila Color Wheel Palette

On Saturday I was browsing around in Winner's Beauty Dept when I stumbled upon Stila's Color Wheel Palette. I knew I had to have it even before I flipped it over to look at the price. I recalled it going for somewhere between $30-$40 previous on I had wanted it then, but opted to get a UD palette instead. Good news when I flipped it over and it was only $12.99!! SOLD.
Bad news was when I initially swatched it I wasn't too impressed. I would say 1/2 of the colours hardly showed up at all and were very powdery :( Later when I had a chance to swatch them over primer, they were somewhat better. My other complaint is the size of this palette, it is HUGE! Lots of needless extra packaging, difficult to store and use.
This morning I did a quick Golden Peach eye using 3 different sections (I'll refer to them as rows, #1 being the top row, #2 the next going clockwise, shade #1 in each row being the largest)
I used:
Row 3, shade 1 on the inner corner
Row 2, shade 1 on the lid
Row 1, shade 2 in the crease
Row 1, shade 3 on the outer lid
Gosh Bananas Eye Liner on the lower inner corner
CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara on upper lashes
Overall I just feel so-so about this palette. The shades are just lacking the intensity and pigmentation I'm used to in the other brands I use, including other Stila shades. I will continue to use it and try out other colours and see if my opinion changes.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette-EOTD

Finally getting around to using the Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette I got for my birthday this month. This is Too Faced second Smokey Eye, the previous one was out roughly 3-4 years ago. They are quite a bit different. I will be putting together a comparison post soon. This is my 5th Too Faced boxed palette. I haven't gotten their new Matte Eye yet, perhaps for Xmas. I find that Too Faced is totally underrated in the makeup community. Their shadows are fantastic!! So buttery and pigmented. They even do non-chalky mattes. Too Faced always seems to be in Urban Decay's shadow. Which I think is a total shame since I adore both equally. I had been anxious to use the gorgeous purple-Smoking Jacket so I planned this look around that shade. I blended this down alot since it is daytime and I didn't want it to be too intense for work. Please excuse the shiny forehead, it is HOT today.
I used:
Firefly on the inner half of the lid
Up in Smoke in the crease and outer v
Smoking Jacket on the outer half of the lid
Annabelle's matte white to highlight (not pictured)
Physician's Formula Gel Eyeliner in purple (from Green Eyes stack)
Maybelline Colossal Mascara on upper lashes

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tarte For True Blood Palette EOTD

Today I used another one of the palettes I got for my Birthday this year, the Tarte for True Blood Palette. When I originally saw a picture of this in an issue of Cosmopolitan I was so excited!! Then when I saw it on Sephora's site I wasn't that impressed and decided against getting it in favor of the UD Anniversary palette. When my BF & Son took my out shopping for some Birthday gifts I had a chance to swatch it in Sephora I fell hard, lol. I am also a huge True Blood fan so I couldn't pass it up. I do find that with these shadows and the ones in the other palette I have from Tarte, can be really easy to over blend and just look muddy. I did have to go back and reapply some shades to up the intensity. I tried to take a picture of the palette with the plastic overlay that names the shades but the flash cause too much of a glare. I will point out the ones I used by rows. The first row being the top 3 across, the second the 4 across and so on.
I used:
Row 1, shade 1 The Light as my highlight & inner corner
Row 1, shade 3 The Dawn to blend out crease colour
Row 3, shade 1 Charmer in the crease and outer corner
Row 3, shade 2 Glamour Me in the deep crease and outer v
Row 4, Shade 1 Bayou on the lid
Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Eyeliner on upper lash line
Maybelline The Colossal Mascara on upper lashes

Monday, August 15, 2011

EOTD-Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette Lilac & Bronze

So it seems setting up that little makeup draw has sparked my own creativity and I've been having no problem coming up with ideas on my own. So for the time being the draw is stalled. Today I put my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette to work. I adore this palette so much!! Its so beautiful. There is nothing I don't completely love about it. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am working on a review and swatches. I am trying to find what lighting works best with my older model camera. Temptalia has a wonderful post on it if your interested in seeing swatches.

I used:

Tainted (row 1 middle) on inner 1/2 of the lid

Chase (bottom row left) on the outer 1/2 of the lid

MIA (row 2 right) on the outer V and crease

Matte white to highlight (not pictured)

CoverGirl Volume Exact on upper lashes


Sunday, August 14, 2011

EOTD-Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette & MAC

Morning, I felt inspired again today so I didn't draw again. I pulled out an old, hardly used MAC shadow-Tilt to use. I paired it with some shades out of my new UD palette (review/swatches coming soon). Here's what I came up with.
I used:
Flow on the lid
Vanilla on the inner corner
Tilt in the crease and outer corner
Ace in the outer V
Annabelle's matte white to highlight
Black gel liner on upper lashes
CoverGirl Lash Exact on upper lashes

Jen, xo

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gold/Bronze Inspired EOTD

Hi! Today's eye's are inspired by a look one of my fave youtubers did recently that I LOVED!!. She does some of the greatest tutorials IMO. This is loosely inspired by her tutorial (link below), as I don't have the products that she used. I didn't do the draw today since I had in mind to do this one before I forgot about it.
Here's a photo of the shadows used:
Top left: Faces gold loose pigment on lid Top middle: Faces light yellow/gold loose pigment on inner corner
Top right: MAC Vanilla pigment highlight
Bottom left: MAC Hot Hot Hot, outer v and crease
Bottom middle: Faces Dark Brown, crease and above crease
Bottom right: MAC Brule, over Vanilla on highlight
Urban Decay's Bourbon 24/7 Eyeliner on upper lid
Benefits They're Real Mascara on upper lashes
Jen, xo Here is the link to the original look done by Shae:

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

EOTD-Tarte The Vanity

Hello, so day 2 draw result was "Tarte Vanity". I wasn't too thrilled because this hasn't been a palette I've ever reached for cause the quality is just so-so, as far as the eyeshadows are concerned. But I stuck to my guns and used it anyhow. Since I was wearing a blue work shirt today I opted to do a neutral lid with blue/teal in the crease. I was completely unhappy with the way this turned out. It just became all muddy when I blended the shadows. As a last minute effort to revive it I applied a bright blue liner. Overall not satisfied. Ah well onto the next day.
I used:
Row 4, Shade 2 on the lid
Row 1, Shade 2 in the crease
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Electric on upper lash line
Maybelline Colossal Mascara on upper lashes only
Jen, xo
Palette Image:Google Images

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lust Objects

So here are some of my current lust objects:
This looks to be the perfect palette for a smokey eye. My go to smokey is almost always purples, as they bring out the green in my hazel eyes. Thankfully there is no cream shadow in this palette. I have 3 other palettes from KVD and the cream shadow either came already dried out or did so shortly afterwards and was completely unusable. KAT VON D TRUE ROMANCE EYESHADOW PALETTE:
As much as I love bright colours I am still always drawn to a good neutral palette. This palette appears to be along the same vain as UD's Naked, Too Faced Natural or Naked Eye Palettes. I do own all of those, but still want this one as well, lol.
I swatched this palette last week at Sephora and the colours are lovely and not at all chalky like mattes can sometimes be. I ended up getting the Smokey Eye palette instead, but since I do collect these I am sure this will be mine sooner then later.
For several reasons I cannot wait for fall. Dark nail polish, makeup that doesn't smear off your face in the heat, country fairs, Halloween & darker lip colours. I think fall is the most beautiful season and sadly probably the shortest. We've been having a very hot summer so far and I ain't a fan of that kind of heat. So bring on the fall.
Last but definitely not least, HELLO SEXY!! This man is so beautiful. I am a huge True Blood fan and can't wait to feast my eyes on the gorgeous men on the show, especially Ryan. Too bad he doesn't talk with his Aussie accent on the show.
Jen, xo
Fall & Ryan Kwanten image: google images

EOTD-Wet N' Wild Petal Pusher Palette

Happy Tuesday!! Last night I was sitting in my dressing room, swatching some of my palettes when I came to the realization that I don't get enough use out of some of them. This is mostly because of the massive amount of ones that I own. I have also been lacking in creativity lately, so I decided to create a makeup draw for myself, lol. I cut up little strips of paper and wrote down tons of different palettes, single shadows, trio etc. as well as basic colours as well. Today I pulled "PINK"
So I decided to use my Wet N' Wild Petal Pusher palette I picked up at Walmart last week. I LOVE this palette, so beautiful!! I have been waiting for nearly a year for these to become available in Canada. I got mine at Walmart for under $5.00. What a steal!
I used:
Shade #1 on the inner corner's and highlight
Shade #5 on the lid
Shade #6 in the crease
Shade #7 on the outer corner and lightly in the crease (this shade is a dupe for MAC's Beauty Marked, but with better pigmentation)
I used Urban Decay's Rockstar 24/7 Eyeliner on the upper lash line w/ Maybelline's The Colossal Waterproof mascara on upper lashes only
Excited to see what tomorrow's pull is. xo, Jen (Palette image credit: