Monday, August 22, 2011

EOTD-Golden Peach w/Stila Color Wheel Palette

On Saturday I was browsing around in Winner's Beauty Dept when I stumbled upon Stila's Color Wheel Palette. I knew I had to have it even before I flipped it over to look at the price. I recalled it going for somewhere between $30-$40 previous on I had wanted it then, but opted to get a UD palette instead. Good news when I flipped it over and it was only $12.99!! SOLD.
Bad news was when I initially swatched it I wasn't too impressed. I would say 1/2 of the colours hardly showed up at all and were very powdery :( Later when I had a chance to swatch them over primer, they were somewhat better. My other complaint is the size of this palette, it is HUGE! Lots of needless extra packaging, difficult to store and use.
This morning I did a quick Golden Peach eye using 3 different sections (I'll refer to them as rows, #1 being the top row, #2 the next going clockwise, shade #1 in each row being the largest)
I used:
Row 3, shade 1 on the inner corner
Row 2, shade 1 on the lid
Row 1, shade 2 in the crease
Row 1, shade 3 on the outer lid
Gosh Bananas Eye Liner on the lower inner corner
CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara on upper lashes
Overall I just feel so-so about this palette. The shades are just lacking the intensity and pigmentation I'm used to in the other brands I use, including other Stila shades. I will continue to use it and try out other colours and see if my opinion changes.

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